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There are a lot of great websites dedicated to contemporary Chinese art and culture these days, though some of the best are Chinese-only. Here are a few of the English ones that I frequent a lot:

Art Radar Asia – a comprehensive site on art news and events around Asia
Art Leap – the website of Art Leap Magazine
ArtZine China – an e-magazine about Chinese contemporary art with lots of artist interviews, profiles and China art news
Redbox Review – a selective look at some of the more interesting art happenings around China
Artinfo Asia/Pacific – the Asia/Pacific section of Artinfo
Randian – comprehensive news and events listings on the China art scene
Asian Art Blog
Asia Society – one of the best non-profit institutions dedicated to Asian art, culture and society



Here is a selection of some of the articles I’ve translated around the web:

Paint a Bird! Ye Yongqing (scroll down for the English)
Paraphrasing Memory – on Tang Zhigang
The Wandering Poet – on Ren Xiaolin
Turning Facts into Art – Cecilia Freschini Interviews Zhang Xiaotao
The Path of the Bird – Lu Peng on Ye Yongqing
Chinese Family – Guan Yuda on Chen Qiji’s “New Family Tree”
Soil for the Cultivation of Values – Luo Fei
A New Mark in Chinese Print Art



My taste in blogs is rather eclectic, but here are some of the best China-focused ones:

Matt Schiavenza – Matt is an old friend and fellow former Kunminger
Jottings from the Granite Studio – Qing dynasty historian Jeremiah Jenne puts current events in perspective
China Geeks – self-avowed China geeks tap the currents of Chinese media and society
James Fallows – longtime Atlantic correspondent James Fallows follows China, politics, beer and personal aviation (among many other things)
Evan Osnos – Evan Osnos is New Yorker’s man in China
Sinica Podcast – actually a podcast, but the best China podcast. On the blog, their episodes are paired with useful links and follow-up information
Paper Republic – a group blog run by some of the top translators of Chinese literature
Sinocism – Bill Bishop, aka @niubi, follows all news China. He also provides a weekly roundup of good articles from around the web.

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